Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another view of Joan's

Smashed in bear bin

The cornice about to collapse

Pinetree Hideaway
Hi all
We are up here in truckee.
So much snow!!! 6.5 hours to get here.
The top 2 photos are from Paul, before and after. The rest we took yesterday and today, after the next storm.
Jim dug out both the h20 heater and furnace vent using the upstairs window and garage window. More coming from the roof!!! We have 2 sets of renters coming, so trying to stabilize the situation!

Pamela and Jim

Pamela Halloran
Village Associates

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Before Paul's big dig

Last week after Paul's big dig

Joan's house from our bedroom

The hole

Digging out the vents

Out our 2nd story window

Joan's house after it's been dug out and more snow

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yet ANOTHER nice day!

We went on every lift open at Squaw today!